Think like a scientist, Act like an artist.

Zih-Hong Lin 林子虹
是一名設計師,擅長透過使用者經驗設計的方式探究及定義需求,並透過嫻熟的設計手法實作原型,將產品進行快速迭代,為團隊開創新價值。子虹擁有豐富的互動設計及跨部門合作經驗,目前在工業技術研究院資科中心擔任研發替代役,主要負責內外部系統之互動介面設計及前端開發。曾在 NVIDIA 軟體開發部門擔任互動設計師、在 Trend Micro 人機介面部門擔任實習設計師。
Zih-Hong Lin, a designer who is good at using user experience design to explore and define needs, prototyping with skilled design technique, making products iteraction rapidly, and create new value for the team. Zih-Hong is experienced in interaction design and cross-functional cooperation. Currently, he is serving as a R&D alternativer in Information Technology & System Center of ITRI, mainly responsible for user-interface design and front-end development of internal and external systems. He used to be an UI/UX designer in the software development department of NVIDIA and an intern UI designer in the human interface engineering department of Trend Micro.
Zih-Hong graduated from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and received MDes in Interaction Design. During the school, he focused on the field of human-computer interaction research and keeping explore new interaction models. He has obtained multiple design awards and participated in fields of related activities from domestic and international actively.
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
MDes in Interaction Design
2014 - 2017
Tron Future Tech Inc.
Senior UI/UX Designer
2021 - Present
Industrial Technology Research Institute
Interaction Designer (R&D alternativer service)
2017 - 2021
NVIDIA Corporation
UI/UX Designer
2016 - 2017
Trend Micro Inc.
Intern UI Designer
Summer 2015